We provide two options for interested resellers

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First option

  • his option allows you to be a reseller of all the packages we provide
  • To qualify as a reseller, you’ll first be required to buy 5 subscriptions from us in a period of 3 months using the same email and other details.
  • You can sell our services at prices of your choice
  • Resellers get the following prices:
    • Package 1 at a monthly cost of EUR 10
    • Package 2. Three months at a cost of EUR 25
    • Package 3. Six months at a cost of EUR 45
    • Package 4. Twelve months (annual) at a cost of EUR 75

Second option

  • This option is perfect for those with a good number of clients. We’ll provide you with your personal Control Panel where you can manage your clients.
  • To qualify, you have to pay EUR500 in advance before we provide you with your own control panel and 500 credits. The credits can be used in any way you like.
    1 credit is equal to 1 Euro.
  • Reseller prices in this option are:
    • Package 1. Monthly at EUR 10
    • Package 2. Three months at EUR 25
    • Package 3. Six Months at EUR 45
    • Package 4. Annual (12 months) at EUR 75
  • If you should ever need more credits, you can easily buy again at the same rate of 1 credit per 1 Euro. You are free to buy as many credits as you wish.